We all have set backs

Set backs can have a big impact on our lives and I have definitely been through mine.  In August, I broke my right foot while training for the Pier to Peak half marathon.  One thing I’ve learned about myself over the years, is that I have a habit of pushing myself beyond my limit, going “all out”, which can have its good and bad consequences.  Those around me often say, “don’t over do it, Rich”.  When I set my mind to do something, I  just go for it.  But set backs can have a subtle, or sometimes loud, way of reminding us it’s time to slow down.

During my goal of training for Pier to Peak, I woke up at 4:00am following a long 26 hours of traveling home from Europe. I was excited to get back to my training and started a nine-mile run up Mountain Drive with a new pair of Nikes on. It was still dark and I was so focused on starting my run, that I missed the eroded edge of asphalt. I went down hard, not even 100 feet into my run. 

On the way down, I immediately heard a crack, as I rolled over the top of my foot. Willing myself to get back up and run it out, I convinced myself I’d be fine.  Step one, two, and down I went again, sharp pain increased.  I sat for a few minutes and tried again and again, but of course the pain made me immobile. My next thought was that I would go home, ice the foot, rest, and try again tomorrow, but halfway through my drive, I finally surrendered to the pain, and decided the ER was calling my name.  

Xray confirmed that I broke my foot and it would be wearing a fancy black boot for eight weeks.  Sadly I had to forfeit my first attempt at Pier to Peak and wait another twelve weeks before joining my morning workout at Fat Club.  Message received loud and clear…It’s was my time to slow down.