My son wants to work with me

My three year old, Oliver,  asks me every morning, “Daddy, where are you going today?”, and more often than not, I tell him I’m going to work.  His answer is always the same, “I go with you?”, to which I typically say, “Sorry buddy, not today”. His quick response is, “but I want to

”.  And I say, “I want you to come too, but I don’t know how much I would get done if you did”.  Like a knife to my heart, he walks away disappointed.

Oliver’s best attribute is his smile. After a disastrous two months, I believe we can all do more smiling right now, so I’m sharing this story to hopefully get you to do just that.  My wife and I made plans for a lunch date last week, Oliver included.  When they arrived at the office, Oliver smiled at all my co-workers, jumped right in my lap, and finally had his “day at work”.  He typed on my keyboard, worked with the mouse, talked to the receptionist on the phone, and had his share of snacks in the break-room.  But the best part of it all was he was confident and loved every minute.  It reminded me of a past mentor of mine, John-Roger, who would always advise me to, “Go where the fun is”.  Like smiling, we could all use a little more fun in the new year, and I am no exception.  So to sustain the joy Oliver spread throughout my office, before leaving work, I ordered three new toy Nerf guns for my boys and the game is on when I get home.  Spread joy where you can today!

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