I Love my Routine

We all have daily routines that make you reflect on either how precious or what a struggle life can be.  It’s easy to get stuck on the negative routines as we go about our busy over-committed lives, but I’ve made it a priority to focus on the simplicity of a routine that brings me instant comfort and always results in a smile. After all, a smile i a great way to start your day and is one of the most contagious feelings out there.

One of the morning routines in our home is that I have preschool drop-off duty for our 4 year-old son, Oliver. The same drive everyday can get old and mundane, but not in this case. When I take Oliver to school, he asks to hold my phone in the car so that he can pick out music, which usually means we are listening to, “We Will Rock You” or “One Night in Bangkok”. It fascinates me that a preschooler already knows how to find and play songs from a smart phone, but we all know that’s the way of the world we live in today. Thank God he has good taste in music. 

When Oliver and I get to school, we hold hands walking up to the classroom, skipping or jumping the lines in the concrete.  We then sign-in together, put his lunch in his cubby, and say “Hello!” to Henry, the class pet bunny.  We hug, and then Oliver says, “I love you”, and runs up to the step-stool at the classroom window and waits to see me walking back to my car.  On the way out, Oliver always waves, and says, “Bye Daddy, God bless you!”. We both smile and I leave for work with a smile, knowing that I’m the lucky one that gets to repeat this precious routine all over again tomorrow.

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